BHAUK Youth Forum

Welcome to BHAUK



BHA Youth Forum is a national Hindu Bengali youth body established in the UK. Here at the BHA Youth Forum, our mission is to support, represent, educate, and foster a unified community to preserve our Hindu Bengali identity.


Youth Forum promotes and takes leadership to build bridges, network, and connect to preserve unity with the Hindu Bengali community across the UK. Through advocating and promoting, culture, identity, dharma, tradition, and well-being in the community to share common grounds and ambitions for the future generation. The forum is overseen by BHA (UK) and is fundamental to feeding into their strategy and overall direction. BHA Youth Forum is a youth-led forum with the support of other affiliated with BHA UK and other organizations. Our content aims to inform, represent, and educate the Hindu Bengali community with traditional stories, calendar dates of festivals, entertainment, and more! Our vision for BHA Youth Forum to be the national leading Hindu Bengali youth body in the UK, and to accommodate other channels to collaborate with the youth forum. We have collaborated with number of social media channels since forming the group. Here are some of the organizations/groups we have collaborated with; Bindu's (@bindus_), The British Bengalis (@ thebritishbengalis), British Hindus (@britishhindus) and many more. We have had support from Bengalis of NY (@bengalisofnewyork) and others. We have posted over 23 posts on Instagram and reached over thousands of people nationally and internationally