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Registered Charity No: 1128209

Bangladesh Hindu Association (UK) is the unique organization for its way of heartfelt approach. We are talking about our root, culture of ethnic origin and British born new generation. Association’s aims and objectives are socio-cultural. Bangladesh Hindu Association (UK) is a platform of our distinguished community & culture. There are so many reasons in our life that we must keeping in touch, and exploring ourselves. In some point in life, we need to find out our history of origin, long lost relatives and friends. It is essential to create a link for advice and support in crisis.

It took more than 40 years to spell out our true heart-feelings. It seemed  people in our community was disguising their identity of origin in the UK for a long time. Never mind, past is past. Now is the time to be proud of our own community and tell the world who you are. All we need to be a good citizen and make effort to integrate in this multicultural society of United Kingdom.  It will boast our self-respect and encourage our children to do the same.